Butternut squash soup

The Fall season calls for some squash or pumpkin related recipe. This is a very simple butternut squash soup recipe from Once Upon a Chef.  The easiest way to cut up a butternut squash is to start by cutting the round bottom part from the longer narrower stem part.  Then, stand the longer stem part on the cut-end and cut off the skin with thin slices around the sides.  This recipe made a hearty delicious soup and paired great with bread. In this instance, I served it with some pastizzi, a Maltese flakey pastry filled with ricotta cheese or mushy peas.

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Doufu geng (Chinese Tofu Stew)

With the local coffee shop closing early tonight, I had some extra time to try a new recipe.  I love stews cause it’s such a comfort food. The recipe brings back memories of my mom making the same stew.  It felt nice to cook some thing from your childhood, especially when I am so far away from my family.

I found this Chinese Tofu Soup recipe on Wokking It.  I love the last part where you stir in the egg to make ribbons in the soup.  It was fast and simple to make. The best part is that it’s flexible with substitutions.  I used firm tofu cut into cubes cause I like to have a bit of texture in my stews. I also used chicken broth instead of vegetable broth.  You can double this recipe easily too because one serving of this soup is never enough.

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