Pinwheels: Deli meat and cheese, crabmeat and veggie

An ideal work potluck would have a lot of variety but, usually, you end up with a lot of dips and salads. Pinwheels are easy to make, can feed a lot of people, not too expensive and potentially impress your fellow co-workers.

I found this simple ham and cheese pinwheel recipe from CenterCutCook. The cream cheese and mayo spread is really appetizing and pairs well with any meat or veggie you might want to add to the wrap.

When you roll the wrap, make sure to make it tight. Chilling it in the fridge also makes it easier to cut up the wrap into pinwheels. One more tip, make sure to buy the freshest tortilla wraps to avoid flaking when you start rolling the pinwheels.

I used basic deli meat (turkey and pepperoni) and provolone cheese for these pinwheels.


Or, if you want to be fancier and go for a more gourmet version, you can use crabmeat. (My friend made the crabmeat and veggie pinwheels for his potluck).


And if you have vegetarians at the potluck, you can easily make a few meatless wraps. Start with a layer of the cream cheese and mayo spread. Sprinkle some chopped peppers and olives with some shredded cheese on top. Roll it up for a veggie pinwheel.