Chinese curry chicken thighs

Curry is such an easy meal for students to make as it doesn’t take much prep work to make such a flavor-intense dish. Chinese curry is milder and less-thick as compared to Indian and Thai curry. It’s usually yellow-curry and almost always includes potatoes and some type of meat.

While my mom has made Chinese curry multiple times, asking her to give me a recipe is impossible. Quantities will be described as “a little bit” or “a soup spoonful” and would have included a lot of “sometimes I add this” or “sometimes I would do that”. Instead, I opted to try Adriel’s Chinese Curry Chicken recipe.

I couldn’t find curry paste at the grocery store so I made some based off a curry sauce recipe by only using the dry ingredients. It’s a really simple combination of butter, flour and curry powder.

I used boneless, skinless, whole chicken thighs. I just stewed the meat in the curry about 5-10 minutes longer to make sure it cooked through. I also added frozen vegetables towards the end cause I feel healthier when I add some greens to my meals. Also, instead of slicing the potatoes, I would chop my potatoes into chunks next time so they don’t dissolve as easily.

The Chinese curry dish (even with the make-shift curry paste) was reminiscent of my childhood meals. I would definitely use this recipe again when I get another craving for some good curry.



Bonus tip: You can use the remaining coconut milk to make a smoothie with frozen mixed berries.



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